Our Menus

In addition to our extensive menu selections, Caperberry Events also provides staffing, rental needs, event coordination, vendor referrals, and venue suggestions that will guarantee your event’s success. Our menus range from formal full-service dinners to self-service corporate and private occasions.


Your wedding menu should be reflection of both your style and culture.  With a wide selection to choose from, we can tailor each part of your event to be a personal representation of you and your most loved one.  Our wedding menu features a grand assortment of cocktail stations, signature cocktails, and departure items so that it is one that is created just for you and no one else.  We take pride in ensuring our wedding menu is not only presented beautifully but also meets our high level of flavor standards. The food is presented and tastes just like an experience in a fine dining restaurant for you and your guests.


When treating your clients or patrons to a corporate or non-profit event experience, you want to be sure that the menu is one that can be enjoyed by many different cultures and meet several dietary restrictions. We place a heavy focus on making sure our corporate and non-profit menus feature several different styles of service.  This means that we can customize your event to meet the needs of your specific function. Whether it be a grand cocktail reception, a structured corporate outing, or the most formal gala, you can rest assured that the same care and cuisine is present in all of our packages.


A bar/bat mitzvah menu should combine your favorite foods strategically mixed with several crowd pleasing dishes. Featuring fun interactive stations, this menu sparks a sense of excitement and provides entertainment for kids of all ages. Create your own mini takeout noodles, grab a slice at a pizza parlor inspired station, or finish off your event toasting marshmallows for a home-made s’more. Add some enhancements and get creative with custom logo cups and signature “mock”-tails to carry your theme throughout the entire menu. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making it a day that is totally you!


A Caperberry Events favorite style, the set & go option is a perfect choice for office and home settings where a server is not required to stay. This menu features items that are designed to be sent, set up, and left for you and your guests to enjoy. You can order as much or as little to create a menu that fits best for your crowd. The greatest part of our set and go style is you do not need to worry about making any food or cleaning one dish yourself. Take a break while enjoying the highest quality selections with your guests.